Is Placing Accumulator Bets Worth It?

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Is Placing Accumulator Bets Worth It?

More and more punters are starting to wonder whether they should pay more attention to accumulator bets when spending a day at the races. They are known for paying handsomely, but many punters still wonder if accumulators are really worth it.

If you are one of them, we can assure you that they are – if you know what you are doing. It’s a cliché, but knowledge really is power.

Take a closer look at accumulator bets, and find out how you can make them part of your horse racing betting.

Shop Around for the Best Accumulators

online horse racing betting sites - Accumulator BetsThese days, accumulators are not just about placing a few bets on horses. You can find bets with all sorts of incentives, such as bonuses, price pushes, special place offers, and even doubled odds on a winner.

The number of bookies active at racecourses, in betting shops, and online is absolutely staggering. There is something to be said for customer loyalty, but the reality is that all those bookies want your support – and have put together some great accumulator bets to try get it. Shop around, and find the best deal for you.

Take the Best Morning Price You Can Find

Another reason shopping around for accumulator bets is a clever move is that you can find the bookie that is offering the best morning price for your selection. This is where horse racing betting sites and odds checkers are particularly helpful.

Try avoid taking starting prices where possible, as you could short-change yourself out of winnings if your selection wins.

Timing is Everything

Given the steep deductions of tote pools, timing is everything when placing accumulator bets. Accumulators may not be too profitable if you place them during more casual weekday races, but it can be a very different story on weekends and during important racing events.

Betting offers with jackpots that have been carried over can be a good choice, as can horses that have the potential to win but have not attracted the attention of the majority of punters. A great place to find such horses are in the pricing category between 11.0 and 21.0.

Be Wary of Short Prices

It can be very tempting to include short-priced horses to accumulator bets. Think twice about doing it, because, more often than not, the result is a letdown.

Any returns on such horses are generally insignificant, if they place at all. A better approach would be to back horses each-way when the track records, track and weather conditions, and odds are good.

Find Favourable Place Terms for a Few Races

Accumulator bets such as trixies or each-ways on maidens can seriously push up the profits if those maidens place. The reason, simply, is that there is not much competition in those races, and those maidens usually go on to win or place in spectacular fashion.

If you can find accumulators with favourable place terms, you should consider betting on two or three races.

Bet at Reputable Bookmakers

If you bet on horse racing regularly, you are bound to come across a number of enticing accumulator offers. However, before you accept any offer, you should ensure that you can trust the bookie concerned.

Placing accumulators, or any other types of bet for that matter, at unreliable bookmakers is a sure way to a miserable betting experience. Find reputable bookies so you can be assured of good odds and prices, decent incentives, and getting your winnings if your selections win or place.