Fantastic Facts About The Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby is arguably the most popular horse racing event in the world, and one of the most prestigious. It’s held every year in Louisville and takes place almost always on the first Saturday of the month of May.

There are multiple races that took place over the duration of the Derby, and only the most experienced and well-trained horses and jockeys find any kind of success while participating in it.

It’s a truly interesting time of the year, where bettors and fans alike get to watch some of the biggest names in the business battle it out for the win. Here we will list some fascinating facts about the popular Kentucky Derby.

Food Consumption

During the Derby, visitors consume an enormous amount of food by the time it has come to an end. In recent years, the average amount of hot dogs stood at 142,000, while they also ate 18,000 barbecue sandwiches, almost 4 tens of potatoes, 300,000 strawberries, as well as 30,000 cookies. Food is one of the biggest attractions of the event, and fans will spend more than a few days enjoying the various food stalls that attend the races.

The Youngest Jockey

Alonzo Clayton holds the record for being the youngest jockey in the history of the Derby to win the event. He was just 15 years old when he first participated and subsequently ended the day victorious. On the other end of the spectrum, famed Bill Shoemaker currently holds the record for being the oldest jockey ever to win, when he claimed the title for the 1986 Derby at the age of 54.

Bill Shoemaker

Considered by many to be one of the greatest jockeys of all time, Bill Shoemaker also holds the record for taking part in the most Kentucky Derby events, with a total of 26 of them under his belt.

First Female Jockey

Horse racing jockeys tend to be male on average, but there are always some exceptions. For example, Diane Crump was the first woman jockey in history to take part in the Derby. Despite the many female jockeys that have ridden in it, there has yet to be a winner, although the 1992 Derby saw Shelley Riley come extremely close to winning when she ended the race in second place.

The Traditional Drink

There are usually a lot of traditions that surround popular horse racing events, and for the Kentucky Derby, one of the most prominent traditions is the consumption of a particular drink.

Known as the mint julep, it’s incredibly popular among visitors, and it’s estimated that around 120,000 are consumed during every event, although it’s just as nice to have at home while playing real money pokies in Australia.

Run For The Roses

The Derby is also well-known by its other name, the “Run For The Roses”. The reason for this is that the winner of the event is covered in a blanket that’s sewn with around 400 roses. The blanket that they are draped in weights almost 20 kilograms in total.