The Story Of History’s Greatest Horse – Secretariat

A Legend Among Racers – Secretariat

We’ve all seen films or heard stories of horses, and the amazing things they achieve on the track. Pulling out ahead at a moment’s notice, or making miraculous recoveries from otherwise deadly diseases to only win the race, these are the stories that make horse racing so beloved by so many fans from all over the world.

With legendary horses having performed incredible feats throughout the last few centuries, it takes a truly one-of-a-kind horse to rise above all that, becoming a legend among even legends. This particular horse is Secretariat, a thoroughbred that made the headlines during the 1970s, going on to achieve records that haven’t been broken even to this day.

So whether you heard about the legendary horse through a movie or by playing a racing themed NZD online casino, this is the story of one of histories most gifted athletes.

Secretariat’s Greatest Achievements

Many regard Secretariat as the greatest racer the world has ever seen, and it’s not hard to see why. Although he had multiple wins throughout the years, nothing ever came close to the amazing performance he displayed at the Belmont in 1973.

The Belmont is where a lot of horses have claimed their fame, but the reigning champion of the track belongs to Secretariat and what he accomplished at the time. Starting off alongside the other horses, it quickly became apparent that Secretariat had every desire to win; but not just by a hair.

By the time he crossed the finish line, he had put 31 lengths between him and the next racer, something that no other horse has been able to do since.

It was soon after that he was elected to the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame, and is listed as second in the top 100 racing horses of the 20th century, behind only Man o’ War, who had gained fame many decades earlier.

Secretariat’s Early History

The already famous Bold Ruler, a horse that earned plenty of accolades in his time, including having won Horse of the Year in 1957, sired secretariat. Bold Ruler was the leading sire of the time in North America, and had legendary speed and stamina in the racing world.

While Bold Ruler was his father, Somethingroyal was his mother, a dam to Bold Ruler that foaled a young colt that had three socks, a chestnut coat, and a star with a narrow stripe in March of 1970. The young Secretariat was already a hit among his breeders, many of them commenting at the time at what a fine specimen the foal was.

His Racing Career

After giving him his name, Secretariat would go on to begin his training, having inherited the speed and stamina from his father, but also being exceptionally well balanced, and described as being a powerful horse that had near perfect biomechanics and conformation.

His racing career would start in 1972, where he would quickly make a name for himself, impressing both judges and opponents alike.

A year later, after competing in various tournaments around the country, it would be his performance at the Belmont Stakes that showed the world just how amazing this horse was, and that his legacy would live on for decades to come.