Choosing The Perfect Racing Horse

It’s one of the most difficult choices for a bettor to make when they have the roster of horses in front of them. Some may pick one for personal reasons, such as a horse being their favourite; while others might prefer to choose one based on how the horse did in a previous match.

Professional bettors, however, take this one step further by using different pieces of information to choose one that has the highest chance of making their wager a successful one. Here we will explore just what makes a specific horse worth choosing.

Previous Races

Pros will refer to this as the “form” of an animal, and while it can be quite an important piece of information to know, it shouldn’t be used solely to make a choice. There are plenty of different factors that can lead to a horse winning a race, and their previous racing history is more of a general overview of their performance on the track. If a horse has done well for a number of races in a row, then it is much more likely that they will see the same success in an upcoming event – streaks matter in horse racing betting. But anyone that really wants to try and get the best odds possible will want to take this to an entirely new level and utilise every piece of data on the horse that’s available. Look at the conditions of the track, the distance, the type of race that’s coming up, and other related information.

The Stall Position

Not all races will have the horses begin the event at the stall, but the majority do. When it comes to betting on a sprint race, for example, it’s extremely important to consider the positions of the horses behind the stalls. On the other hand, if the event is a long, endurance race, the inside stall horse tends to be the one that does the best – although this isn’t always the case.

Date The Last Race

Another important aspect to know about a potential horse is when last It performed. There tends to be a sweet spot in terms of how long the horse has been off, which is generally between one and two months. A bettor will want to aim for an animal that has rested well, but one that hasn’t rested for too long and lost their edge. If a horse has been off for a long time, then it will most likely need around one or two more events before its back to its peak.

Jockey History

The jockey is just as important as the horse that they’re riding, so knowing as much about the jockey as possible may sway the decision of a better when putting money down. And just like a horse, most reputable jockeys will have a recoded history of wins and losses available, all of which can be used for betting purposes.

With the right information and a bit of luck, it’s possible to vastly increase the chances of winning and have a great time that’s fun for all involved.