What To Look For In A Winning Jockey

In the horse racing betting scene, there’s usually a lot of emphasis on the horses that are participating, but a lot of punters tend to forget that the horse is just half of the team.

Jockeys are incredibly talented individuals that are a vital part of the world of horse racing, and those bettors that have found success with racing betting are the ones that focus on both the horses and the athletes that ride them.

When looking at taking out a bet, it’s a good idea to research both the horse and the jockey, providing a rounded base of information with which to use for making wagers.

Here we will look at some traits to keep an eye out for when placing a bet.

Their Posture

One sure sign that a jockey knows that they are doing is by looking at their posture in previous events. Getting the posture down to perfection while riding is a skill that can take some years to truly master, and it can make a significant different in the chances of the horse winning the race. Not only does good posture create a good centre of balance, but it also makes for a more aerodynamic run, limiting the amount of air resistance that the horse will have to endure while racing on the track.

Good posture also means that the jockey can isolate themselves from the movements of the horse, allowing them to distribute their weight much more evenly without throwing the animal off balance. A jockey that has perfected good posture will be huddled up close and will be able to predict the flow of the race while adjusting themselves appropriately.


In order for a horse to be pushed to its limits and sometimes beyond, the jockey will need to be fairly aggressive on the track, and it’s something that’s obvious to see from the side-lines. This can often be in the form of taking the lead early on into the event, and will never hesitate to grab a chance as soon as it becomes available, similar to how you’d play the bingo Australia offers. The more aggressive jockeys tend to be the ones that win more consistently, which is why it can make a lot of sense to look back at the riding style of a particular jockey and see what their behaviour was in past races.

Good Research Is Key

Like any sports athlete, an experienced jockey will have an entire history of performances behind them, and this provides the ultimate research to find out what kind of skills the jockey has, how often they’ve won, how aggressive they are, and the relationship they have with their animal. A large part of successful betting is due to doing good research before taking out the wager, and thanks to the power of the internet, it’s never been easier.

Take the time to look through sports books, videos, and past races to see how well a jockey and its horse did and use this valuable information to start betting.