Racing Bettors Research Tips for Beginners of Horse Racing Betting

racing bettors Research Tips - horse racing betting tips

Terrific Research Tips for Racing Bettors

Racing bettors gather round! The basics of horse racing betting are all about betting on horses that are most likely to win or place in a race. To ensure your bets have the best chances of winning, your guesses need to be educated.

Researching horses, races, jockeys, and more is part and parcel of successful betting. It is also a prospect that many racing bettors find daunting because they simply don’t know what to look for or where to begin.

We’re here to help you gain as much enjoyment as you can from horse racing, and have put together a few terrific tips to help you get your research underway. Find out what you need to look for before you place your bets.

Factors that Influence Horse Racing Results

Your racing betting research should always take much more than just the horses into account. A variety of factors can influence the results of a race, and you need to be aware of as many of them as possible.

Your favourite winning a race at one course a few weeks ago is no indicator that the horse will win its next race, whether at the same course or at a different one.

This means you need to do your research for each and every race on which you bet, whether you are looking at Caulfield Cup betting, Melbourne Cup betting, or Geelong Cup betting.

Factors to which you should pay particular attention include a horse’s current and overall form as well as its stamina and fitness levels, and its jockey’s and trainer’s current form; the horse’s, jockey’s, and trainer’s course record, speed ratings and distance records; the carried weight; the expected race pace; the race class; course or track conditions; and weather conditions.

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Researching Racehorses

One of the best places to start your horse betting research is the horse’s current form compared to its overall form. It can be helpful to consider what the horse’s condition was in previous races, the condition of the other horses that ran, and the races’ distances.

If a horse appears to be in tip-top condition only because its opponents were in much worse condition, it will not stand up to horses in a better condition in other races.

Researching Jockeys and Trainers

Jockeys and trainers are often forgotten by racing bettors who are new to doing research. Both play an important part in getting horses to the finish, whether it involves preparing the horse for the race or riding it to victory.

You may find it helpful to check any jockey injury reports that become available, and to check that training methods are ethical.

Researching Other Factors

As racing bettors, two important records to include in your horse racing betting research are course and distance records. Every horse, jockey, and trainer is an individual, which means they are likely to perform better at one race course than at another.

Horses’ distance records are also important, as they can give an indication of whether you can expect a horse to win or place over shorter or longer distances.

In a similar way, some horses or jockeys perform better in certain course, track, or weather conditions. Find the latest conditions online, whether at a bookmaker or by using a mobile app.