Top Horse Racing Tracks Throughout History

Horse racing is one of the oldest sports known to mankind. There are records that date back thousands of years demonstrating that horse races took place in ancient Babylon, Rome, Egypt, and Syria.

For a sport so prestigious and historical it is only fitting that the tracks upon which these races occur are some of the most expensive, famous, and beautiful sporting settings the world has to offer.

The horse racing track industry in the US continues to grow since 2011 and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

For fans of the sport, there are a few tracks, scattered around the planet that you simply will have to visit. Think of the following tracks as a bucket list for you horse racing fans. Find the time and money to visit these tracks – you will not be disappointed.

1. Fair Grounds Racecourse, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Also known as the New Orleans Fair Grounds, this one-mile-long dirt track finds itself in the beautiful southern state of Louisiana. It’s a track that boasts a lot of history, being established in 1838 and hosting some of the most respected races in US history.

The track’s main event – the Louisiana Derby – is a preparatory race in the build-up for the world-famous Kentucky Derby.

2. Epsom Downs, Surrey, UK

Located in the Southeast of the United Kingdom, Epsom Downs is the track that hosts the world-famous premier British Classic.

One of the things that make Epsom Downs one of the most interesting and famous tracks in the world is the fact that the land surrounding the actual track is completely open to the public, just like

Instead of being entirely enclosed, like most other racetracks, Epsom allows crowds from all over to flock in and take part in the festivities.

3. Flemington, Melbourne, Australia

Australia is one of the countries well known for its love of horseracing. The premier track in Melbourne is the historical Flemington track, which was founded and opened in 1840.

Built on Crown Land, Flemington is known for its high-class attitude and is the jewel in the crown in the Victoria Racing Clubs Crown.

4. Saratoga, New York, USA

Even people who are not huge fans of horseracing recognize the name Saratoga, and with good reason. The track is widely acknowledged as one of the oldest sporting venues in the USA, being founded in 1863.

Saratoga might be famed for its mineral spring baths, but the racetrack is undoubtedly the cities main attraction pulling in crowds from all around the world to come to watch its premiere races which include the Whitney Handicap and the Travers Stakes.

The bottom line is that if you’re a fan of horseracing or want to get into the horse betting game, as there is tons of money to be won, you simply must plan a visit to some of these world-renowned tracks.