5 Top Racing Breeds

5 Top Racing Breeds

Horse racing is one of the oldest sports in the world, dating back thousands of years. Once horses has been domesticated for manual labour, it didn’t take long for humans to realise the potential for racing horses, and it also didn’t take long before we realised we could start breeding certain kinds of horses to make them faster, give them better stamina, and an overall better temperament for racing.

Fast-forward to today, and selective breeding means we have a range of different breeds especially suited for kinds of racing. Horse racing is a diverse sport, and breeders have spent countless years perfecting certain breeds for certain races, and while there are enough breeds to fill an entire book, some breeds have become so popular that they’re almost exclusively used for specific racing types.

Whether it’s to learn more about the most popular breeds around for interest’s sake, or if you follow horse race betting in the Northern or Oceanic regions and want some information for sports betting NZ, these are the world’s most popular racing breeds.

5. The Morgan

This is a horse that was bred not for one type of racing in particular, but because of its versatility on the field.

This is one of the oldest breeds in the United States, and has served in both driving and racing, and remains a popular choice for breeders.

4. Tennessee Walker

This strong breed first became prominent for its efficiency in plantations and on farms, and farmers began breeding it as early as the 18th century. Due to how comfortable it was to ride for long periods of time, the breed was also popular among American Civil War soldiers, especially generals.

Tennessee Walkers have maintained their popularity even to this day, and it’s not uncommon to see them in the fields around the United States.

3. Thoroughbred

This is undoubtedly the breed that most people have heard of, and one of the most popular breeds in the racing world. Thoroughbreds are famed for their stamina and speed, making them a natural on the racecourse.

A common misconception about the Thoroughbred is that they are a series of breeds that are pure-bred, such as is the case with dogs, where in actual fact the Thoroughbred is an entire breed of its own. Some of the greatest racers of modern horse racing have been Thoroughbred.

2. Quarter Horse

When it comes to burst speed over short distances, the Quarter Horse breed is unmatched.

With the largest breed registry in the world and extremely popular among racing breeders, this is the kind of horse you would most likely find at any sprint race.

1. Arabian

Legends among their peers, the Arabian is the breed that defined what it meant to be a true racing breed. Among the oldest breeds in the world, the Arabian hails from the Arabian Peninsula, and first came to recognition in the 18th century, when breeders realised their potential on the track.

They are still regarded as the best racing horse in the world, and also one of the most distinct.

Modern horse breeds are culmination of hundreds of years of selective breeding, giving us unique and powerful breeds that have dominated the race track the world over.