Great Tips to Make the Most of Live Betting

live betting horse racing tips for beginners

Great Tips to Make the Most of Live Betting

There is nothing quite like watching magnificent racehorses on the course. The incredible action and atmosphere of the races has inspired punters to place futures bets for centuries, and now live betting options have taken that a quantum leap forward.

Whether punters are at the course or are following the races on TV, radio, or online, they can place bets as it all unfolds. As you might expect, the whole experience is very different to placing futures bets and then waiting to find out whether your favourite – and your bet – is a winner.

Read our top tips for live betting. They are easy to understand and, more importantly, easy to implement. Get yourself clued up, and get set for intense live betting action.

1. Find a Reputable Live Betting Bookie

Ok, this tip isn’t so much about live betting as it is about where you do said betting, and, yes, it is important. Choosing a reliable bookmaker is one of the best things that you as a punter could do for yourself.

For starters, a good quality bookie will offer mobile and online betting, competitive odds at great prices, secure banking and other services, trustworthy betting guides, a host of NZ racing tips, and broadcasts of some, if not all, of the races. Signing up at one of the leading bookmakers will certainly allow you a better live betting experience than a dodgy character in a dirty overcoat, lurking around the parking lot of the local betting horse racing tips for beginners

2. Place a Number of Smaller Bets

As can be expected, live betting is fast-paced, and things can change in the blink of an eye. You need to take this into account when placing bets.

Rather than placing one or two big bets, it is potentially much better to place a number of smaller bets. Not only is it safer in terms of risk and variance, but it will also prolong the action and excitement.

3. Manage Your Bankroll

When it comes to live betting money matters, good bankroll management has never been more important. Managing a bankroll well is an essential part of successful, enjoyable horse racing betting, so it is something you should be doing anyway.

If ever you have been in doubt about actually managing a bankroll, try live betting without a betting budget. Go on, we dare you.

A better idea, however, would be to work out a betting budget if you haven’t already done so, and then see what a difference that makes to the whole experience.

A good betting budget should include:

  • The amount of money you plan to bet on races or horses over the course of a number of days, whether a week, a fortnight, or a month
  • A maximum loss amount
  • A maximum win amount
  • The percentage of your winnings per bet or race you want to add to your bankroll or use for other purposes

4. Choose Your Bets Wisely

The last of our live betting tips is to choose your bets wisely. Racing is all about the odds, and there’s definitely no room for emotion when betting live.

You have to think quickly when placing live bets, which is why it can be helpful to focus on win or place bets. Be prepared for a few surprises, though. Remember, famous champions such as Phar Lap and Winx have pulled through to win in the last few minutes of some of the most prestigious races.