World’s Most Famous Horse Races

Horse racing is a sport that has over time been embedded with a rich history that has attracted thousands of viewers and fans from across the planet.

The sport is controversial and always has been, but there is no doubting is popularity and competitiveness. The following races are some of the most prestigious and respected, still taking place in the modern sport.

The Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby is held annually and takes place on the first Saturday of every May. The race is steeped in horse racing mythology and history with the first rendition taking place in 1875.

The race is just over 1 mile long and takes place on a pure American dirt track, meaning organizers have never attempted to change the format of this race.

The Kentucky Derby is a glamourous event that has, in recent times, been reserved for the elites of society. Men dress up as dapper as they can while women come to the track looking elegant in their most expensive dresses. The race is a fancy affair with the winning jockey and horse taking home a whopping $3 million dollar prize.

The Melbourne Cup

Melbourne is one of the top cities in the world to live in. It is expensive and classy and its horse racing scene mimics life in the city, as one of the best in the world to compete in.

The race takes place on the first Thursday of every November and is by far the most famous race which takes place in Australia.

The racing is accompanied by a travelling carnival which means that this race brings in many more spectators than most other horse races. Furthermore, the race is not the only competition on show, as men and women compete for best-dressed before the racing begins.

The first Melbourne Cup took place back in 1861. The winning jockey and horse take home an incredible $8 million, making the Melbourne Cup one of the highest paying races worldwide.

Dubai World Cup

Compared to the two previously mentioned races the Dubai World Cup is relatively new to the sport, with the first race taking place in 1966. But this does not mean that the city planners for Dubai have not put their all into ensuring that the event is one of the best races available worldwide.

The track is dirt and over 2000 meters long, making it one of the toughest tracks for athletes and their steeds.

As is expected with Dubai, a city for the richest of the rich, the Dubai World Cup offers the biggest prize money of any horse race to date. There’s a potential win of $12 million for the racer who emerges victorious. That’s even more than a jackpot you’ll find at a site recommended by

As has been shown, horse racing, as a sport, is graced with some of the biggest and most expensive sporting events world-wide to accompany the glamour of the sport itself.