Racing Tips that No One Tells You

Racing Tips that No One Tells You

Racing tips are valuable tools for punters, and today they can be accessed online just before an event takes place. It’s also still possible to find great tips at the track, and either way you’ll be able to research, ponder and then put your money down with as much information at your disposal as possible.

How do you know which racing tips to use, though, and where to find them?

Finding and Using Racing Tips

It’s easy to find offerings of racing tips, especially online, but it can be more difficult to know whether or not you can trust them or can trust their source. Beginners should choose sites that are recommended by other punters who they trust, and it’s always important to start with small amounts of money until you feel confident in your tipster.

Remember, also, that even professional tipsters will get things wrong a goodly amount of the time; professionals have an average success rate of 58%. Anyone promising higher is not to be trusted, and anyone offering excessive amounts of tips on an excessively large range of events should also be given a wide berth. Racing tipsters you can trust focus on racing; they’re not experts on all kinds of other sports, and why would they be?

You want someone who has spent years honing their skills so that their field of expertise is narrow and deep. Find other betting specialists when you want to put money down on other types of events, but for horse racing betting, stick with people who really know their way around the track.

As you spend more time placing bets and investigating your options, you’ll come across the next layer of racing tipsters; those who charge you for the advice that they give and are not necessarily to be found on public sites. Find them by word-of-mouth with connections that you make in the punting world, and they’ll email you privately.

For tipsters who live in a place where betting isn’t legal, such as certain states in North America, the covert approach is the safest bet. Apply the same rules of caution as always, especially since the only contact you have with them may be private emails.

It could be a scam, where 2 predictions are sent to 2 different email pools to prove how accurate the tipsters are. They won’t bother to follow up with the group who got the wrong prediction, but for those who received the successful one, the advice can be enough to convince them to part with a lot of money. Stay alert!

You Have to Put the Time In

As anyone who takes punting seriously knows, there are no short-cuts to developing your skills. Your own insights will increase if you pay attention to the tips you get, from a source you can trust, and keep doing research at the same time.

Track conditions, horse-and-jockey pairings, rider and steed fitness, weather conditions and more all influence what happens in a race and as you look at the tips you get you’ll start to understand exactly how this works.

It’s enjoyable and ultimately rewarding, but it takes time and discipline. There are no racing tips that absolutely no one will tell you, but finding them requires dedication.