Top 6 Biggest Ever Recorded Horse Betting Wins

The possibility of winning huge on the horses is not just a dream, it can be a reality! From using as little as 50p to win £353,000, the longest odds with the lowest bets can sometimes result in the biggest wins and instant millionaires.

Here we list some of the biggest ever wins, from placing little bets to winning large payouts.

Top six biggest wins on the horses:


With odds of over 700,000, a lucky better placed a 50p wager and won an amazing £353,000! This winner chose to remain anonymous; I might have paid him a call otherwise!


A 10pence each way bet on a six fold accumulator won a lucky better very nice pot of £450,000! This better had assumed he had lost the entire accumulator when his first horse lost, but you should always check those slips – as he ended up winning big.


Placing a 5 pound bet that horse racing legend Frankie Detorri would win all seven ascot races, had long odds (25000 to 1 to be exact). The odds were long as Frankie only becomes a legend after winning the seven Ascot races, so that five pound bet won a lucky better a very nice sum of money!


Another lucky better placed a £19 wager on an accumulator bet, and walked away with an astonishing £823,000 – What an investment!

£1 million

What can you do with 50p – Fred Craggs used his 50p wisely, he placed a bet on 2,000,000 to 1 odds and became an instant millionaire once his lucky horses, called “Isn’t that Lucky” and “A dream come true” won his chosen races.

£1.45 million

With a £2 bet, Steve Whitely chose his six winners for the Tote Jackpot, and made history by winning the biggest accumulator bet in British history. His choice of winning horses were not wise, as the last winning horse had lost his previous 26 races – but with such long odds his winnings were magnificent.

Place your bets!

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Remember our top three horses to watch this year, and place a flutter or two for fun:

West Coast

West Coast dominated the 3 year old division last year, so is a being watched closely in 2018 – especially since his main rival Gun Runner is retired.

Good Magic

A top pick to win the Triple Crown, Good Magic is on track to perform well this year.

Bolt d’Oro

Bolt d’Oro is on track to be a big winner in 2018 and is a firm favourite for the Kentucky Derby this year.