Twisted Circus

The Twisted Circus Slots by Microgaming

The Twisted Circus is a circus all right, but a really freaky one. The Stars of the show are unusual to say the least. The player will meet The Half-Man-Half-Woman, The Siamese Twins, the Strong Man, the Snake Lady and the Bearded Lady, and the Pretzel Man and a Musical Monkey. The player will also be entertained by a Fire Eater and a Snake Charmer. These strange characters are all directed by the friendly and dramatic Ringmaster.

This game features five reels, and instead of the normal number of pay lines, it has the large number of 243 possible Winning Ways. This means that the player can win at the game any time he gets three or more of the same circus performer on adjacent reels, starting with the first reel. This can happen regardless of where exactly the circus performer appears on the reels, and also regardless of whether the symbols form any sort of pattern. Freedom from pay lines means the player has a lot more chances to win at the Twisted Circus.

Wild Symbols and Scatter Symbols

The Twisted Circus Logo is a wild symbol in this game, and can substitute for any of the circus performer symbols to create a Winning Way. When this happens, the player will b e awarded triple the payout for that particular Way. The Circus Admission Ticket is scatter symbol. Two or more of the Tickets appearing anywhere on the reels, even if they are not adjacent, will award the player with a payout. Three or more Tickets will reward the player with thirteen free spins, and all the prizes will also still be tripled.

The flamboyant Ringmaster is actually the star of the show, and directs the Twisted Circus. If three Ringmaster symbols appear on reels 3, 4 and 5 he will award the player with a cash payout and will also invite the player into the Big Top to play the exciting Circus Match Bonus Game.

This Game Is Rich in Special Features

The Circus Match Bonus Game starts with a lineup of sixteen stars of the circus. Behind each star is a Fire Breather, a Snake Lady, a Strong Man, the Siamese Twins or perhaps the most e3xciting, a Wild Symbol. The player has the task of picking stars to reveal the hidden Symbols, and when three of the same circus performer is uncovered, the player will win the prize that comes with that particular circus performer. The Wild Symbol makes it possible to win multiple prize in a single round of the Circus Match Bonus Game. If the player has already uncovered two of the Fire Breather symbols, and two of the Snake Charmers, then if a Wild Symbol is next uncovered, the player will win three of a kind for both those performers. Uncovering three Wild Symbols will give the player three of a kind for all four circus performers, and will be awarded four prizes in one play.

With its creepy cast of circus performers and its 243 Winning Ways, together with the wonderfully entertaining Circus Match Bonus Game, the Twisted Circus presents a game of amusing features. The strange atmosphere is enhanced by the background of blood red curtains and a gloomy setting.

This slot was developed by Microgaming, originally in time for Halloween, so its macabre ambiance might add to the chill or two down the spine.