Fountain of Youth

The Fountain of Youth Slots Game

This game is a Vegas style slots game, with the classic 3 reels and 3 paylines, which means there are three spinning wheels that will form the winning combinations of symbols.  It is probably the ideal game for beginning gamblers, and for those players looking for a casual easy game to play. The Fountain of Youth is a straightforward, uncomplicated game that is quick and easy to learn. It is simple to get started, to place a bet, and watch the reels spin. There are no wilds or scatter symbols, so it is only a matter of matching up the symbols which will give a win.

The theme of the game is one of fantasy. The fountain symbol is of course the most valuable symbol, and will pay out 800 coins for three of a kind on each line. The other symbols include what the player can expect, like bluebirds, flowers, butterflies and frogs, and represent oases of peace and tranquillity.  This impression is reinforced by the introduction of calming music as well.

Bets can be made on the three active pay lines. For a bold move, the maximum bet can be tried with one click of the bet max button, or the bet one option can be chosen for a more conservative bet.

A Well-Designed Game

Fountain of Youth is well planned, and due to its simplicity makes an excellent starter game for the new gambler. It also offers more variety than games with a single pay line. Another advantage for the beginner is that there is a low stake option. There is also a menu tab for players to check all the game options.

There is no bonus round, so the theme and graphics are more than usually important. Even though the game may be simple to play, the reels do pack a punch, and when the symbols do land favourably, there are some good wins. With five symbols and three wheels to spin, there is a possibility of eight winning combinations.  The player can also win an impressive jackpot when three of the fountains of youth turn up in a row on the third line, and this is the biggest prize available. No bonus rounds or wilds are offered in Fountain of Youth, but there is a generous welcome bonus when you receive your account. Immediately, after signing up, the player is actually getting paid to play this game.

To increase the interest of the game, the player can choose how many active lines to bet on. The highest prize can be won on the third active line only, but to win it the third line needs to be active.  To make sure of that, the player need to bet three coins on each spin. Also when playing the three lines, all wins on the third line also means a win on the second line. Both lines can win at the same time.

Graphics and Story Line

The story of the hunt for the fabled fountain of youth has been told for thousands of years, since the days of the ancient Greeks. The old tale of the restorative waters of the fountain of youth is well known, and in this game the age old story is retold through colourful images and the soothing sounds of a harp. The game seeks to recreate the garden of paradise when the player settles down to play.