Can Sports Betting Tipsters Be Trusted?

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Whether you’re a novice or veteran punter, we are all guilty of being tempted by the lure of sports betting tips that ‘guarantee a win’ and these tipsters services are literally a dime a dozen.

Unfortunately, many punters who have taken up the tipster’s offer by paying the subscription fee have quickly discovered that the advice they’ve paid for is nowhere near as reliable as promised and is far from an exclusive, fool-proof win!

So should punters use the services of tipsters? We would like to be able to say it’s a huge resounding no, but not all tipsters are scam artists. The trick is to figure out which are trustworthy and which need to be avoided like the plague.

How Can Information Be Verified?

So you’ve come across a tipster that seems to have all their ducks in a row. They’re promising top horse racing tips and all you’ll have to do to take advantage of their ‘years of industry experience’ and ‘tried and tested advice’ is to pay the upfront subscription fee.

So what do you do? Unfortunately for genuine operators with years of industry experience who can successfully predict trends in the sports betting market, the scam artists have given the whole lot a bad name.

When looking for legitimate tipsters, make sure that they have a positive long-term track record. What we mean by long-term is someone that has made 100 or more selections. Illegitimate scam artists will have a small number of selections with an over-inflated winning percentage. Legitimate operators will have reasonable winning percentages.

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Commons Scams to Avoid

  • Lying tipsters: be wary of those that claim to have made “$400,000 in 6 months!” and are unable to provide verifiable information on how they actually achieved this. They will claim to have an unbroken winning streak or insanely high winning percentages.
  • Data manipulators: these scamming tipsters are a bit smarter than the outright liars, and will essentially manipulate their data to make it seem better than it is in reality. For example they may say they have 12 winnings bets in 16, but they do not mention how many losing streaks they’ve had. Remember – even a broken clock is right twice a day.
  • Multiple selections: this is a common set-up in the world of tipsters – the first few tips are free and if they’re successful, you’ll only pay for subsequent tips. However, there is no guarantee that your subsequent paid-for tips are going to be anything more than thumb sucking!
tipsters - avoid scam artists who pretend to be legitimate tipsters
Not all tipsters are bad, but you have to learn to avoid the scammers.

Attempting to Regulate the World of Tipsters

Unfortunately, attempting to regulate the world of tipsters is an almost impossible task, which means that most of these dodgy tipsters will continue to operate unabated.

Having said this, if you do your research and don’t allow yourself to be fooled by tipsters with big-mouths and most-likely empty pockets, you will be able to find sports betting tipsters who can genuinely help you have a better chance of winning.

Where to Find the Best Betting Tips

Before staking any money on a tipster, take a look at the number of selections they’ve made (which should be 100+) as well as their winning percentage.

A genuine tipster will not overinflate their winning percentage, because the most successful tipsters, just like punters, don’t win every time but rather win more consistently over time.

Make use of punter forums and chat to your fellow punters with regards to the tipsters they use, if any, and don’t believe outlandish promises.